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Davic Nod, the Barcelonan multimedia artist based in Berlin, is a lover of drones, the less accommodating sounds of electronica and the wonders of the unknown. Recently he founded Thalamus Lab, the label designed to explore social creativity working with other musicians through the Internet. The project has seen him collaborate with several collectives working in the digital music field, including Harvestworks (NY), Niu (Barcelona) or Netlabelism (Ghent). He has nurtured and compiled sounds from more than 50 artists around the world, thereby developing a sound collection from which to compose new tracks.

Davic Nod began playing the piano aged 9, composing his first pieces at 12, however it was not until 14 that he discovered electronic music. In 2010 he released his debut album, “Some Music Comes From The Cellar”. He collaborated with neoclassical pianist Gabriela Parra on the Clicks & Keys project and with the collective Stratofyzika on the ‘Thæta’ dance show with interactive technology, among many other unexpected creative experiments. Currently, he is researching spatial sound at TU Berlin and preparing a 3D sound show.


31.07.2015 Spatial Sound & Psychoacoustics in Ableton Live – Workshop @ Parque del Sol (Sonnenpark St. Pölten, Austria)


2015 Sound project for Conductr’s interactive music making installation @ ENTER.CNTRL (Space Ibiza, Spain)

2015 Davic Nod @ Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

2015 MusicMakers Hacklab “A score for uncertainty” at ICAS Festival (Dresden, Germany)

2015 XSL presentation and open discussion at Loophole (Berlin, Germany), Harvestworks (New York, US), Niu (Barcelona, Spain) and Netlabelism (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

2015 Presentation of Thæta at Unicorns in Tech hosted by Soundcloud (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta at Cynetart Festival (Dresden, Germany)

2014 Alpha Cephei Live act at Staub (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Alpha Cephei Live act at Abyss (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at Urban Nomads Festival (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta SP (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

2014 Sound Design & Psychoacoustics Workshop at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at 48h Multiversal Sprint (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta at B-Seite (Mannheim, Germany)

2014 Thalamus Lab presentation at Harvestworks (New York, US)

2013 Urban Patterns interactive audiovisual installation at ZKU (Berlin, Germany)

2013 Nasty Neighbor residency at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin, Germany)

2013 Nasty Neighbor residency at North End Studios (Detroit, US)

2013 Reactable Live at New York Electronic Art Festival (New York, US)

2013 Foundation of Thalamus Lab (Barcelona, Spain)

2012 Live act at Betahaus (Berlin, Germany)

2012 Reactable Live at El Cielu (Manresa, Spain)

2012 Reactable Live + Promotional Spot at Manrusionica Festival (Manresa, Spain)

2012 Live act feat. Lady Tape + Reactable at Cau d’Orella (Barcelona, Spain)

2012 Workshop + Live act at Mutuo Art Space (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Live act at InterACT Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Live act with iPad in a regular bus at Primavera Cultural TMB (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Live act at LEV Festival (Gijón, Spain)

2011 Workshop + Live act at Niu art space (Barcelona, Spain)

2010 Live act at Music Day (Sant Just Desvern, Spain)

2010 Live act at Impulse (Berlin, Germany)

2009 Live act at Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

2008 Foundation of Loud Music cultural association at Casal de Joves (Sant Just Desvern, Spain)